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The company FoodMaster began its countdown in 1995, when a group of young businessmen asked a simple question why Kazakhstan, where the traditions of dairy farming are rich, does not produce and practically does not know such a wonderful product as yogurt. Having leased the shop of a dairy factory in Yessik, FoodMaster was the first in Kazakhstan to produce yoghurt. In 2015, the company celebrates its 20th anniversary.

To date, the Company is represented by three plants, has 16 trading branches and two own dairy farms. FoodMaster is the leader in the production of dairy products in the market of Kazakhstan and it owns the palm tree in launching the production of many dairy categories in the territory of our republic.

The company produces the largest list of products among domestic producers and always cares about satisfying the tastes and requests of Kazakhstanis. Among the favorite foods, such products as kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese, yoghurt Dolce, yoghurt BIO-S Imun + and many others.

Since 2004, FoodMaster is part of the international group Lactalis (France), the leader in the production of high-quality dairy products in the world, uniting more than 200 enterprises around the world.

The main task of FoodMaster is the stable development of dairy production in Kazakhstan and the establishment of continuous provision of the population of the republic with products made of natural ingredients with a world standard of quality.

Location : Almaty City, 212/1, Raimbek Avenue
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