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Pharmaceutical Group SERVIER is:

- Leading French independent pharmaceutical company established in 1954
- Reference products for diseases of major importance
- 20 000 employees worldwide, including 2600 in Research and Development
- Established in 140 countries

Our business

- the discovery of innovative drugs and their development for use by the worldwide healthcare community
- is a long-term undertaking marked by challenges that are scientific, human, industrial, and financial.

To meet these challenges, all our activities are informed by three fundamental objectives: o First of all, to satisfy doctors who prescribe our products and patients who benefit from them; o Secondly, and this too is a fundamental objective, to participate in the advances made by research because we are a research organization as much as an industry; o Our third goal, one that is vital but frequently forgotten in today’s world, is to encourage the professional fulfillment of each person within, and through, the company. Not only is it a guarantee of success, it is a goal in itself.

Location : Almaty City, 1, Timiryazeva Street
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