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  «Almaty Invest» Forum
Date d'événement : 05-10-2017
Heure d'événement : 09:00
Date d'événement : 05-10-2017
Heure d'événement : 19:00

Invitation to the «Almaty Invest» Forum

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the V International Investment Forum «Аlmaty Invest 2017», held on 5th of October 2017 in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. «Аlmaty Invest» forum is an annual conference that gathers authoritative politicians, world and domestic business leaders, heads of investment corporations, financial institutions, and international organizations on its platform. The underlying theme of «Аlmaty Invest 2017» will be the formation of the future economy, based on the new drivers of the Almaty city's economic growth. The discussions will be focused on the investment climate of Almaty and Kazakhstan in general, development of logistics, food industry, education, and the film industry. In addition to that, we will offer master classes for investors and introduce them to the key investment projects of the city at the exhibition. Availing ourselves of this opportunity, we would like to renew the assurances of highest consideration and look forward to your participation as an honored guest at «Аlmaty Invest 2017» forum.

We believe that your personal participation will bring unique and valuable perspectives to the forum agenda.

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Forum Organizing Committee (mob.: +77010344560; +77012702777;

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is at your disposal for rendering all necessary assistance and providing additional information. Yours sincerely, Organizing Committee «Almaty Invest 2017»

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